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A technician is setting up an older PC to use as an EMR/EHR access terminal and tries to install a USB keyboard that was working fine on another newer machine. The keyboard does not connect with the older PC. Which of the following is the BEST solution to get the keyboard to work on this PC?

A.    Replace the motherboard
B.    Update the operating system
C.    Use a USB to PS/2 connector
D.    Install a USB 2.0 adapter card

Answer: C

If an EKG monitor goes down, which of the following departments should the technician notify?

A.    OB
B.    CDS
C.    ENT
D.    PEDS

Answer: B

You have been tasked with finding an encryption methodology for your company’s network. The solution must use public key encryption which is keyed to the users email address. Which of the following should you select?

A.    Blowfish
B.    3DES
C.    AES
D.    PGP

Answer: D

Which of the following has the MOST complex organizational structure?

A.    Hospital
B.    Private Practice
C.    Home Health Care
D.    Nursing Home

Answer: A

Which of the following is best practice when installing a new workstation in a HIPAA environment?

A.    Adding a dual video card
B.    Enabling the screensaver
C.    Locate the workstation near a printer
D.    Placement in a high traffic area

Answer: B

A legal health record is defined as which of the following?

A.    A record that identifies the need for `meaningful change’ at a healthcare organization, and has been approved by the Surgeon General of the State.
B.    A record that identifies the need for `meaningful change’ at a healthcare organization, and has been certified by a Federal Judge.
C.    A record that identifies the details and credentials of an eligible provider at a healthcare organization.
D.    A record that identifies the details of services provided to an individual during any aspect of healthcare delivery at a healthcare organization.

Answer: D

Which of the following would MOST likely be defined as a Covered Entity?

A.    Medical Lab Courier
B.    Medical IT Vendor
C.    Clearinghouse
D.    Insurance Agency

Answer: C

A patient is about to be administered an anesthetic prior to a surgical procedure. The patient must sign a document acknowledging the risks involved with anesthesia. Which of the following would define this agreement?

A.    Business Associate Agreement
B.    Memorandum of Understanding
C.    Service Level Agreement
D.    Waiver of Liability

Answer: D

A 44 year old female presents to the emergency room with chest pain. She is denied care because she is uninsured. Which of the following pieces of legislation has been violated?

A.    Patient Bill of Rights

Answer: B

You are a healthcare IT technician. Your manager provides you a storage media having PHI data and wants you to perform low level format on it. Which form of secure disposal of PHI are you performing?

A.    Sanitizing
B.    Degaussing
C.    Piercing
D.    Shredding

Answer: B
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