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A SnapView session is started on a source LUN at 2.30 p.m. The snapshot is activated and assigned to a secondary host. The secondary host makes changes to the snapshot. The storage administrator removes the snapshots from the secondary host’s storage group at 4:15 p.m and removes the source LUN from the primary host’s storage group at 4:30 p.m a roll back operation is started at 5:15 p.m. Which view the data source LUN will contain once the rollback completes?

A.    Primary hosts 4:30 p.m view
B.    Secondary host’s 7:30 p.m view
C.    Secondary host’s 4:10p.m view
D.    Primary host’s 2:15 p.m view

Answer: A

Which CLARiiON feature improves sequential read performance?

A.    Formatting
B.    Lazy Read
C.    Masking
D.    Prefetching

Answer: D

A company has asked you to design a CLARiiON solution that supports VMware Vsphere ESX servers along with a mix of Microsoft Windows and Linux-based servers.
Which failover mode setting should you use for the ESX servers?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    3
D.    4

Answer: B

Which notification method can be included in the template of a distributed event monitor environment with CLARiiON CX series?

A.    Call home
B.    Custom
C.    Email Home
D.    Page-by-Modem

Answer: A

What is required in a distributed monitoring environment?

A.    Host agent will poll storage systems
B.    Server communicates to host agents or SP agents
C.    Monitor must be an SP
D.    Host agent is used for monitoring

Answer: B

In order to create a consistent copy, which state does a host LUN have to be in during a full SAN copy session?

A.    Have no read or write I/O
B.    Write I/O only and limited to 100 LOPS
C.    Running normal production I/O
D.    Backups in progress

Answer: C

A company is designing a CLARiiON installation for its Microsoft exchange environment company intends to use clone technology for its back and recovery plan. The design will use thick source LUNs and thin clone LUNs.
What should be the primary concern when designing the size of the clone LUNs?

A.    Physical disk
B.    Block count
C.    Thin pool size
D.    Write cache percentage

Answer: B

What is the default SAN copy throttle value?

A.    0
B.    4
C.    6
D.    10

Answer: C

In which granularity are changes to fast cache tracked in the memory map?

A.    32 KB
B.    64 KB
C.    128 KB
D.    512 KB

Answer: B

What happens if a SnapView snapshot fills up the reserved LUN pool?

A.    Session stops
B.    Session is paused
C.    Snapshot goes into a degraded status
D.    Snapshot becomes corrupt

Answer: C

Click the Calculator icon in the upper left-hand comer.
A CLARiiON array is being set up to test a new backup and recovery plan for a company you are tasked with planning the LUN pool (RLP). The array will support database data LUNs Log LUNs will reside on a second array. The test will have 30 data LUNs each 100 GB in size
Which size and number of RLP LUNs should be created?

A.    30 LUNs of 10 GB in size
B.    30 LUNs of 20 GB in size
C.    60 LUNs of 10 GB in size
D.    60 LUNs of 20 GB in size

Answer: B

A storage administrator has asked for assistance in analyzing real-time data on their CLARiiON using Unisphere analyzer default values. You determine the application LUN is performing a total of 36.000 l/Os in a single polling interval, the administrator wants to know the average loops the LUN is performing.
What is your response?

A.    100
B.    400
C.    600
D.    1200

Answer: A
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