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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP5-H09D
Exam Name: Delta – Selling HP Client Virtualization Solutions

Which situation is an indicator for a need for client-virtualization?

A.    Network bandwidth limitations
B.    Aneed for high-level security
C.    Adesire for the latest in video editing technology
D.    Aneed for big data storage

Answer: C

Which feature improves security of HP thin client in configurations?

A.    Non-OS environment
B.    On-board TPM chip
C.    Expansion slot
D.    HP Velocity

Answer: D

What is repurposed PC software?

A.    Software taken from a traditional PC and installed on a virtual server
B.    A method of converting a traditional PC into a virtual application server
C.    Software taken from a retiring computer and installed on a new computer
D.    A method of converting a traditional PC to have some attributes of a thin client

Answer: D

How can you demonstrate your understanding of your customers virtualization needs?

A.    Take one major problem the customer is facing and build an HP client virtualization solution around that issue to prove a rapid return on investment.
B.    Focus on a specific project or initiative the customer needs to deliver on and identify six to eight customer pain-points you can solve with HP client virtualization.
C.    Focus your efforts on exposing security threats inside their organization and then share how HP client virtualization resolves security issues.
D.    Share a generic business scenario that illustrates how HP client virtualization has benefitted a customer facing volatile market conditions.

Answer: A

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