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IBM Security Access Manager V7.0 Implementation: 000-198 Exam
000-198 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 000-198
Exam Name: IBM Security Access Manager V7.0 Implementation
Q & A: 160 Q&As

What will help reduce the volume of audit event, while preserving important audit information?
A. complete disablement of event generation
B. generation of events for successful HTTP accesses only
C. generation of events for unsuccessful HTTP accesses only
D. reconfiguration of WebSEAL to use CARS auditing instead of native auditing
Answer: C

Recently the Risk Officer of your organization discovered that all key databases containing web
certificates in the organization are protected with a very weak password. You are assigned to
change the password on every key database into a more complex one. How can this be
A. Open iKeyman, open the appropriate key database, enter the current password, and select “Change Password”.
B. Generate a new stash file using command “ibmstash -db key.kdb -stash key.sth -password <current password>
-newpassword <new password>”
C. This is not possible, a new key database has to be created; the current certificates can be exported from the
old KDB into the new one.
D. Edit the webseald-default.conf configuration file and change the pointers to the key database password from
a stash file to a plain text password and specify the password.
Answer: A

How are ISAM users and groups logically separated within a single policy server?
A. By creating multiple object spaces.
B. By installing multiple user registries.
C. By creating multiple secure domains.
D. By installing multiple policy proxy servers.
Answer: C

What are two installable components of the Common Auditing and Reporting Serve? (Choose
A. Audit Service.
B. Report Service
C. Audit Client Setup Utilities
D. Audit Configuration Console
E. Report Configuration Console
Answer: AD

An Administrator wants to restore the amwebbackup.lst_22dec2011.10_22.tar archive file that is
stored in the /var/pdbackup directory to the /amwebtest directory. Which command should the
administrator run?
A. pdrestore –f /var/pdbackup/amwebbackup.lst_22dec2011.10_22.tar -p /amwebtest
B. pdinfo -a restore -f /var/pdbackup/amwebbackup.lst_22dec2011.10_22.tar -p /amwebtest
C. pdbackup -a restore -f /var/pdbackup/amwebbackup.lst_22dec2011.10_22.tar -p /amwebtest
D. pd_backup -a restore -f /var/pdbackup/amwebbackup.lst_22dec2011.10_22.tar -p /amwebtest
Answer: C

What would the command “ldapsearch -p 389 -D cn=root -w ? -b cn=connections,cn=monitor -s
base objectclass=*” return?
A. The current_workqueue_size.
B. The auto_connection_cleaner_run.
C. The number of monitor threads available.
D. The current established client connections.
Answer: D

Which statement is true when using the WGA with the internal LDAP?
A. The internal LDAP cannot be tuned.
B. Tuning can only be performed using the LMI.
C. Tuning can only be performed using a RESTful API.
D. Tuning can be performed using both the LMI and a RESTful API.
Answer: A

Which two aspects of logging event activity can be controlled? (Choose two.)
A. How large each log file can be for each event class
B. Generate HTML-formatted logging for specific event classes
C. Where to direct the output for each event class
D. Send the output to third party application for specific classes
E. How often log files are changed
Answer: AC

What are two advantages of using persistent connections between WebSEAL and a junctioned
backend server? (Choose two.)
A. Faster response time for the request.
B. Reduces the chance of thread overrun.C. Less entries in the in the WebSEAL session cache.
D. Less CPU usage for both the WebSEAL and the junction application server.
E. A significant benefit of response times only if the objects requested are large.
Answer: AD

Each routing file contains entries that control the logging of events. What type of events?
A. Message events and Error events
B. Message events and Trace events
C. Message events, Trace events and Error Events
D. Message events, Trace events, Error events and Fatal events
Answer: B

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